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evolve environment::architecture

Designer + Systems Analyst 2016-present

I use GIS shapefile analysis to reimagine the relationships between cities, their people and their infrastructure.  Big challenges and opportunities lie ahead as our urban areas respond to the benefits of green and sustainable infrastructure.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Researcher’s Assistant, Section of Mammals 2012 – 2016

I use photography, Micro-CT scanning, and 3d laser scanning to collect, format, segment, measure, and analyze specimens from the Museum’s 130,000 extant and 70,000 fossil mammal collections. I quickly honed new morpholgical analysis techniques to make contributions to the study of mammalian anatomy and evolution.


Department of City Planning Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ADA Architectural Assistant 2011

I worked on planning and implementation of policies to promote accessible design in the City of Pittsburgh.  This involved creating educational materials, cooperating with local committees, and passing pieces of legislation.  I responded to the accessibility concerns of the public and created the ADA Coordinator’s Vimeo Channel which can now be seen on the ADA Coordinator’s website.


CMU Cluster Services Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Facilities Coordinator 2011 – 2012

Worked directly with the cluster’s fiber optic anti-theft alarm system.  Performed preventative maintenance on all equipment.  Worked directly with computer users to help solve problems.  Promoted from Facilities Assistant in 2012.


The Waffle Shop Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Server, Shift Manager, Producer, Marketing 2011 – 2012

Served Guests and Ignited discussion on the late night live streaming Waffle Shop show.


Hebron Academy Hebron, Maine

Project Leader 2009

Lead a team to construct a stone wall to protect the historic status of Allen House.

Zamboni Operator 2009

Grounds Keeper 2007 – 2008


Migis Lodge Casco, Maine

Launderer 2010

Busser 2009

Dishwasher 2006


Elijah’s Blueberries Raymond, Maine

Founder & Operator 2001 – 2005

Selected a supplier and sold better quality berries for a lower price than the competition.

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