Project Progress

I am looking deeper into two topics that interest me.  They are the effect that humans can have on gene flow and the effects of man made noise.  They are separate topics united by an interest in studying phenomena that are not obvious to the untrained eye.

Gene Flow Progress

I have a partially debugged Processing simulation of gene flow that a friend helped me with.  The simulation allows the user to click on a map to add man made obstructions to the migrations within a herd of deer.  Each deer has traits that it may pass on to its offspring.

The goal is to show how man made infrastructure can damage the genetic health of a species.

White Noise Progress

I sampled white noise at 9 different sites in the city.  I observed noise levels and made a 2.5 minute recording of the ambient noise using a Zoom H4 Handy Recorder.

I am currently using software called Photosounder to create spectral analysis diagrams of each recording.  This allows me to visually identify the frequencies at which the dominant noise occurs.  My analysis of Oakland shows that the dominant noise is almost a low C# on a musical scale.

CaptureVisual signatures in the spectral analysis allow for identification of conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed.