Project 1 // dFACE 3D Scan

Project 1 utilizes many of the tools in the School of Architecture’s digital fabrication lab.  The prompt for this project is to create a custom fit face mask that allows the user to obscure their face, and by extension their identity, in a public realm that is under ever increasing surveillance.  Cameras throughout the world are being connected to the internet at an increasing rate.  Governments, corporations, and hackers can use these cameras and facial recognition software to create a profile of the whereabouts, habits, and relationships of the masses.    By obscuring one’s face with a mask, valuable biometric characters are hidden from these databases.

With the full arsenal of digital fabrication tools at my disposal, the design of my mask has few limitations.  Step one is to create an inner mask that precisely fits the contours of my face.  Using a DSLR attached to a robotic arm, 25 photographs were taken of my face from a range of angles.  Autodesk’s 123D Catch software analyzed these images to construct a full color 3D model.  This 3D model was then exported as a mesh in the .STL file format.

Here I present to the internet the geometry of my face.  Please use wisely.

The Capture:

Untitled1The Model: