Material // Bismuth

2014-02-11 17.33.32

Wismut (Bi) Kristall

Bismuth is a non toxic metal that can be melted on a stovetop.  As it cools it builds unique crystal structures and its surface oxidizes.  Moving forward, Amy Friedman and I hope to manipulate this natural process.

99.99% pure Bismuth ingot can be purchased for $28/lb including shipping costs.

Precedent // Bismuth Eggs

$49.95 + $8.45 shipping via Amazon



These unusual specimens are formed when liquid bismuth is allowed to cool and crystallize inside a chicken egg. The eggshell is then removed and the surface of the bismuth is brushed bright. Inside an amazing array of crystals form looking like stairs in a painting by Escher. Intricate, beautiful, and amazing. No two are alike. [Education Innovations via Amazon]

Differing the formwork changes how the bismuth crystallizes and can have an effect on the oxidation.